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The Solution against Cannibalism


The Calming Solution

Verla-Pharm, producer of pharmaceuticals and market leader with magnesium products for humans, has also been involved since the 1980s in the application and effect of magnesium with sport and farm animals including pigs and poultry.
Because of its optimum application characteristics dietary supplementation with magnesiumaspartate-hydrochloride, a magnesium salt patented by Verla-Pharm, was tested with different types of livestock. The results of these tests show that the substance has a stress-reducing and calming effect, which is especially apparent in poultry.
Based on these results Emgevet® liquid has now been successfully applied to livestock for its calming effect which in turn helps keep animals in optimum health. Farmers nowadays face increased quality requirements and high cost pressures with more emphasis on high animal welfare standards in production. This means the requirement for optimum care is increasingly important and Emgevet® liquid can make a contribution to this.