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Autogenous Vaccines


Over the last years the animal health industry went through a number of changes.

Increased demands for animal welfare resulted in a re-emerging of health problems we previously had thought of being eradicated.

At the same time, pharmaceutical companies and vaccine producers merged or simply disappeared from the market, leaving us with less tools to solve such problems.

Consequently, there is a growing need for specialised, tailor-made solutions, to assist our customers in consumer-friendly, generally accepted ways.

One of those roads less travelled up to now is the use of autogenous, barn-specific vaccines.

The bacterins are produced from bacterial strains obtained from you. After isolation and typing of the pathogens in our Labs, the antigens are produced and inactivated in GMP-compliant vaccine plants. Depending on both antigens and target animal species, the final vaccine is formulated containing mild aluminium hydroxide adjuvants or more powerful oil-based adjuvants. Safety- and sterility tests in accordance

with EU- requirements finalise the process of production before delivery to your practice.microskop

We care about legal, technical and marketing requirements, and will support you in all areas, which are related to animal health and welfare.

Diagnostic of new send in isolates or of isolates to check if they are still valid for the animals is free, if a vaccine is ordered afterwards.

As Autogenous Vaccines are highly technical products, please do not hesitate to contact us