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AVX Elektrolyt Tabs                                                  


(dietary supplement feed for poultry)



Reduction of stress situations, as well as a result of high stocking density and heat stress.



Electrolyte Tabs was developed for the use of all types of poultry. Use is recommended during the starter phase, episodes of diarrhea, and during periods of heat stress.

The formulation of Electrolyte Tabs as an effervescent tablet makes the product particularly soluble and easy to use.



Dextrose, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, potassium citrate, magnesium stearate


Analytical components:

Crude protein: <1%

Crude fat: <1%

Crude fiber: <1%

Dextrose: 28.5%

Sodium: 11.22%

Potassium: 4.7%

Lysine: <0.1%

Methionine: <0.1%



laying hens, broilers, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, game, rabbits:

Starter phase: 1 - 2 tablets per 1000 liters of water

Heat stress: 1 tablet per 1000 liters of water (over 3 to 5 days)


Shelf life:

24 months. Store in the original packaging at temperatures below 25 ̊ C.


Commercial forms:

Pack of 10 tablets of 120 g each