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AVX Hy D / K / Chol

Liquid complementary feed for poultry and swine in short term compensation of Vitamine D3 deficiency


Target area:                                      

The liquid complementary feed AVX Hy D / K / Chol is an effektiv delivery vehilce of Vitamine D / K and Cholinchloride for the short-term compensation of nutrient deficiencies in poultry and swine.

Key Ingredients:                             

1,25-Hydroxycholecalciferol                                437.500 mcg
Cholinchloride                                                      487.500 mg
Vitamine K 3                                                          25.000 mg

Mode of Action:                             

During metabolic stress situation of sows, piglets, laying hens and broilers AVX Hy D / K / Chol delivers an effektiv vitaminisation to the animal. Using the hydroxylated form of Vitamine D in combination with Cholinchloride and Vitamine K the product prevents further metabolic disorders by liver relief and support, enabling an increased nutrion resportion and energy modulation.

AVX Hy D / K / Chol is effektiv because:
● of it’s metabolic regulation in the event of illness.
● Vitamine K promotes the Calcium intakte of Osteoblasten
● it reduces Rachitis and other bone deseases
● of an increased eggshell and birthrate quality
● an optimsation of the birth procedure and an reduction of teratogenic  deformations

Feed Recommendation:                 

1.000 ml je 1.000 l Water
sow:      2 – 5 ml / animal / day (e.g. 5 days p.p.)



1 l Bottle