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AVX Spuracid

Liquid complementary feed for poultry and swine


Target area:                                      

The liquid complementary feed AVX Spuracid is highly available source of mineral and trace element to fill drained reservoirs.

Key Ingredients:                                   

Sodium                     0.60 %                     Iron                           2556 mg

Magnesium                0.80 %                    Copper                     13800 mg

Potassium                 1.60 %                     Manganese                2400 mg

Zinc                          10560 mg

Mode of Action:                           

Limited animals resources and high performance of animals resources in modern stock-life require balanced nutrition and rapid refilling consumed resources. With its highly and rapid available minerals and trace element mixture AVX Spuracid fulfills the needs of modern stock-life animals to prevent elementary imbalances.

AVX Spuracid:
● has an optimal combination of highly available trace elements and minerals

● is high concentrated for an easy to use in water
● reduces the pH-Level in water with its benefits

Feed Recommendation:  

Poultry:                                               1 l AVX Spuracid in 1000 l water

                                                           3 – 5 Days

Piglets:                                                2 - 3 l AVX Spuracid in 1000 l water

                                                          3 – 5 Days

Feeding pig:                                         1 - 2 l AVX Spuracid in 1000 l water

                                                           3 – 5 Days



5 l Canister