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Darm Vital

Complementary feed for all animals


Target Area:

Darm Vital prevents digestive disorders and to reduces the growth of harmful germs for example:

Mode of Action:                             



Probiotic biochar, salts of fatty acids, yeast, maize (partially digested)

Key Ingredients:                             

Fibre, Salts of fatty acids

Feed Recommendation :   

Piglet:                        2 – 5 g  Darm Vital per 25 kg animal/day

Porker:                       1 – 3 g Darm Vital per 25 kg animal/day

Sows                           10 – 20 g Darm Vital per Sow and day

Calfs                            5 - 10 g Darm Vital per calf and day

Cattle                         25 g Darm Vital per cattle and day



10 kg Bag