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AVX Dermasan
Feed additive for Swine

Fields of Applikation:

Dermasan is a metbolism-simulating feed additive intended to assist in the synthesis of red blood cells. It reduces the occurrence of necroses and supports wound healing processes.


Proteine hydrolysate, calcium carbonate of algae, brewer´s yeast, spent grains,
magnesium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate


Vitamine C 10.000 mg

Vitamine E 900 mg

Phospholipids In addition contains all B-Vitamines and Vitamine K

Mode of action:

● Specific support of liver functions reduces the resorption of endotoxines in the blood ● Rock flour discharges toxines.
● Vitamines do support and speed up blood synthesis and coagulation.
● Special vitamines and active ingredients do strengthen the epithelium.

Feeding recommendations:

0,5 – 1 % prophylactic 1 % in case of acute ear- and sidenecroses

Packages :

10 kg bag