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AVX EnteroProtect

Supplementary feed for cattle for the prevention of indigestion

Target Areas:

AVX EnteroProtect reduces indigestion, diarrhea symptoms in calves. The health status will be safed and the raising Calfs are in a good performance


Dextrose, sodium chloride, lactose, magnesium acetate, potassium chloride

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin C 30.000,0 mg

Nicotinic acid 900,0 mg

Pantothenic 300,0 mg

Folate 15,0 mg

Mode of Action:

● supports Lacto and Bifidobazillen in the intestine and has a positive influence on the intestinal flora

● has an anti-inflammatory component and reduces excessive immune reactions

Feed Recommendations:

Calfs: 10,0 g AVX Enteroprotect / animal / day For 21 days


5 kg Bag