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AVX Mineral


Liquid complementary feed for poultry in short term compensation of mineral and trace elements supply

Determining value

Calcium chloride, monosodium phosphate, magnesium chloride


Key ingredients:                   

Phosphorus       9,50 %                         Manganese            2.760 mg
Calcium            2,40 %                         Copper chloride    2.875 mg
Magnesium       1,00 %                          Copper sulphate        75 mg
Sodium             1,00 %                          Zinc                     2.160 mg

Mode of Action:                 

Simple, concentrated dosage over the drinking water
Optimum composition of minerals and trace elements

Special use in stress situations

PH lowering of the drinking water

Contains minerals that can help strengthen the skeleton and    improve egg quality

Feed recommendations:  

Poultry:   1,0 – 2,0 l AVX Mineral per 1,000 l drinking water for 3 - 5 days


5 l canister