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Support Plus

Fields of application:

Support Plus is a liquid feed additive for food producing animals such as laying hens and pullets, broilers, turkeys, geese, cattle, pigs and rabbits for short term supply with amino acids and vitamins.

Composition (per l):

Calcium 170,0 mg

Magnesium 540,0 mg

Phosphor 340,0 mg

Iron 6,0 mg

Zinc 2,5 mg

Copper 2,0 mg

Potassium 8600,0 mg

Biotine 1000,0 mg

Inositol 2500,0 mg

Nicotinamide 16200,0 mg

D-Panthenol 7500,0 mg

Vitamin B1 HCl 1800,0 mg

Vitamin B2 Phosphate 2450,0 mg

Vitamin B6 1125,0 mg

Hydrolysed yeast 470,0 ml
+ 18 Amino acids in L-form: L-Alanine 7,15 g L-Arginin 8,50 g L-Aspartic acid 9,99 g L-Phenylalanine 5,42 g L-Cystin 4,75 g L-Glutamic acid 17,90 g L-Glycine 10,31 g L-Histidin 1,55 g L-Isoleucine 5,55 g L-Leucine 8,77 g L-Lysine 10,40 g L-Methionine 1,77 g L-Proline 11,67 g L-Serin 6,30 g L-Threonine 6,10 g L-Thyrosine 3,60 g L-Valin 9,60 g L-Tryptophane 1,75 g

Mode of action:

Support Plus is intended to prevent and avoid nutritive imbalances. Especially in times of increased requirements of the animals due to stress or vaccinations, during moulting of poultry, in case of reconvalescence or after feed changes an additional supply with amino acids is recommended: